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Giant Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat inspired sign


Giant free standing sign stands over 6 ft tall and is 18 inches wide.
Giant version of our best selling

4 brightly colored arrows are fixed to a 6 ft tall painted dowel and topped with the letter of your choice and the cats iconic hat. 18 inch arrows and 15 inch topper are made from tear resistant foam sheets. Different colors can be used if these do not fit your color scheme. The text on each of the arrows is customizable as well (some suggestions "this way, that way, party here, party there" "restrooms, games, drink, food" with the arrows pointing in the proper direction) please include any variations in the note to seller portion of your order.

Great for use in nursery, class rooms, play rooms after your party as well.

Sign is sent to you with some very minor assembly required, which will take less than two minutes to complete.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

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