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Jellyfish light decor lantern lamp remote controlled Coloring changing light up Prom Wedding Dance floor lights


Lovely flowing hanging jellyfish decoration perfect for a bubble guppies, mermaid or under the sea party. Originally designed as dance floor lights for an "Under the Sea" prom.

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Jellyfish are roughly 48" long, and hang from very thin durable strings to give the appearance that jellyfish is floating. These guys look great on their own or clustered together, perfect for framing entry ways or photo booth backdrop.

Tentacles are made from tulle and plastic sheets, the lightweight materials allow the jellyfish to looks as though they are swimming with even the slightest movement in the air. Please keep out of reach of children, these are delicate.

Available in 10 colors

Coloring changing LED lights are secured to the underside of the jellyfish with professional strength velcro for easy battery replacement. LED takes 3 AA batteries and each jelly fish comes with its own remote. Lights can be programmed to a variety of settings and have 16 different colors. Can be set to one color or choose specific colors to alternate.

Please feel free to message with any questions.

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